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Medical Director of the Diagnostic Center for Disease™ located in Sarasota, Florida, featuring a multi-parametric prostate MRI; this technology helps men to avoid unnecessary prostate biopsies

Keynote Speaker at Confirma Corporation in Seattle, Washington ( associated with their launch of a Prostate related technology, Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (DCE) and its role in MRI-Spectroscopy Imaging – November 2007

Member of the Society of International Urology since 2012

Member of the American Urologic Association since 1985

Member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “Prostatitis Collaborative”

Internationally known Urologist invited to speak at the 1st National Men’s Health Conference sponsored by Penn State (May 21, 2004); Topic:  “Can Education and Awareness on Prostate Disease Alter the Death Rate from Prostate Cancer in the State of Florida?”

Practicing Urologist for more than 20 years with practice focus on male health related issues including Impotency and Prostate Diseases associated with BPH, Prostatitis, and Prostate Cancer

Post Graduate Urology Residency Training at LSU Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana

Member of the Esteemed Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM)

Featured Speaker (Master’s Series at A4M (The Society of Anti-Aging) – Las Vegas, December, 2007 - Topic: Perils associated with Testosterone Replacement

Certified expert in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), a novel prostate cancer treatment, that is currently involved in Phase 3 trials at the FDA; this therapy is currently available in Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Bahamas

Medical Director of Prostate Cancer Prevention Foundation … speaking to better choices in health care through awareness and education

Runner-up in the “Physician Educator of the Year” award sponsored by AFUD (American Foundation of Urologic Disease)

Post Graduate 3T MRI Educational Symposia: Why and What You Need to Know About 3T MRI – Sponsored by General Electric (March, 2007)

Post Graduate MRI-S Physician Review Course Sponsored by UCSF – December, 2006

Principal Investigator in a “Neo-Adjuvant Study for Organ Confined Prostate Cancer”, sponsored in part by Schering Pharmaceuticals and accepted for presentation at the Western Section of the American Urology Association (AUA)
Owner of two Patents on Prostatitis Detection and Resolution; Prostatitis is a Precursor disease process known to evolve into Prostate Cancer (reference: American Association of Cancer Research; AACR)

Peenuts® is a branded prostatitis formula that has been patented in the USA, Canada and Europe and expects to be the featured formula in the ProCap Trial as we endeavor to prove that prostatitis resolution can prevent prostate cancer

Invited Speaker at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland) in 1999 and 2000 discussing the topics of:  “Voiding Symptoms Predict Prostatitis, Not BPH” and “For the Prostate to be Healthy, Your PSA Must Be Less than One”

Featured Speaker at the Florida Osteopathic Sectional Meeting; Topic: “Anti-Aging Solutions to Prostate Health” 2002 as well as a featured speaker on the topic, “The Truth about Prostate Disease” - 2007

Featured Speaker at the American College of Advanced Medicine (ACAM), November 2002 & October 2008

Featured Speaker at Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), November 2008

Featured Speaker at the Navigators – September 2008

Featured Speaker at the Cancer Control Society, September 2003 on “Prostatitis as a Cause of Prostate Cancer and why the PSA (blood test) Must be Less than One”

Patient advocate for “Prostate Health” and sponsor of “The Drive for Prostate Health”, a Motor Coach that offers Early Detection for Prostate Disease to businesses and individuals throughout the State of Florida and Nationally

Frequent Speaker at Prostate Cancer Support Meetings including Man to Man events throughout Florida, PAACT, and the State of New Mexico’s Prostate Cancer Survival Group

 Author of numerous Prostate related Articles including:  “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Prostatitis”, “PSA – A Barometer of Prostate Health or a License to Biopsy”, “Anti-Androgen Monotherapy is Our Signature Treatment for Prostate Cancer” at the Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center, and “Straight Talk on Impotency”

Participant Physician in a Vaccine Study (sponsor: Dendrion) for Hormone Refractive Prostate Cancer utilizing “Provenge”

Member of the Advisory Board For Several Health-Related Corporations and Foundations including: Sanofi-Aventis Oncology, Urology Times, PAACT, Prostate Awareness Foundation, Glaxo Smith Kline, Abbott, and Radiation Centers of America

Frequent Guest of Health Radio Broadcasts including:  The David Darbro Show, The Deborah Ray Show, Western Health Radio, Dr. Burton live in Philadelphia, Frank Tabino Show, Eva Herr’s Show from Atlanta and Public Health Radio

Featured Expert on a nationally acclaimed Radio Talk Show, “PJ and the Doc, Let’s Talk Prostate”;; Launched December 2007 until September 2008

Author of Research article, entitled, “Is it Necessary to Cure Prostate Cancer When it is Possible? Published in the Journal, “Clinical Interventions in Aging”, Volume 2, Number 1 – April 2007

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By Jeff Morris

Ronald E. Wheeler, M.D., Medical Director of the Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer Center in Sarasota, FL, has a message for you:

Please don't send me your patients! I'm not looking for referrals; I'm looking to help all doctors care for their patients.

This may seem like an odd, and rather presumptuous, request. But before you ask, "Why would I even want to send my patients to Dr. Wheeler?" consider this: There's a new case of prostate cancer diagnosed every three minutes in the U.S making this an epidemic if not pandemic disease; nearly 35,000 men die of prostate cancer each year. And SEER data shows that by the year 2045, no longer will that figure be 35,000. "The data projects nearly 100,000 men will die each year from prostate cancer if the path we are on is not altered," warns Dr. Wheeler. "The lifetime risk that an adult male will get prostate cancer is one in every five or six. We may die of other causes before prostate cancer gets to us - but in 2045 prostate cancer will reign supreme."

But Dr. Wheeler has some interesting - and much more promising - figures he'd like to share with you as well. Here they are in a basic outline:

Traditionally, we generally look at PSA as a marker of prostate cancer. The PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test, available commercially since 1988, has revolutionized our ability to detect prostate cancer, has increased the proportion of early stage cancers detected, and is at least partially responsible for the recent decrease in prostate cancer mortality rates in the United States.

PSA is actually a poor marker for prostate cancer; it has well known false negative and false positive rates, and 70% of biopsies performed as a result are negative or not indicated. But PSA is an excellent marker as a barometer of prostate health. PSA is driven primarily by prostatitis - also an epidemic disease, and associated with virtually all cases of prostate cancer. Prostatitis & Prostate Cancer Center data showed unequivocally and convincingly that a PSA of greater than or equal to 1 translates 100% of the time to prostatitis, so a PSA of greater than or equal to 1 is abnormal and unhealthy. And the lower the PSA, the healthier the prostate.

Cellular oxidative changes and free radical formation result from chronic inflammatory states. It is well known that chronic disease such as colitis, cervicitis, gastritis, and esophagitis lead to cancers of their respective organs. The inability of epidemiologists to establish a cause and effect from a correlation, noted with large numbers of patients with prostatitis and prostate cancer, does not mitigate against that relationship. The association of prostatitis to prostate cancer is highly suspected by David Bostwick, M.D., Tim Moon, M.D., the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) and others. Factors that may influence the likelihood for a cause and effect phenomenon may include, but are not limited to, prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN), zinc levels, the presence or absence of glutathione-s-transferase at the basal cell layer, and/or altered endorphin activity.

A PSA of greater than or equal to 1 minimally indicates a less than healthy prostate. Therefore, in this regard, PSA now serves as a barometer to prostate health, and is a more meaningful marker. Data suggests that a new normal for PSA testing be recognized as less than 1.

In a study group of 20 patients, utilizing a nutritional formula Dr. Wheeler developed and patented that combines antioxidants, immune boosters, anti-inflammatories, and beta sitosterols, prostate cancer was suppressed or stabilized in all study participants. Among these participants, 90% reduced their PSA by 48% - an unheard of result. There was a 40% drop in PSA among all men in this study.

After one year on his own formula, Dr. Wheeler's PSA had dropped 40%; most important, it has remained at .3 for seven consecutive years. "That's unheard of in medicine," says Dr. Wheeler. "I'm in my 50s. Most men do not have a PSA of .3 in their 40s, much less their 50s. My goal is to get all men back to the health they had when they were teenagers."

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Whoa - let's back up here. Maybe we need to start the story at the beginning. "I am a urologist of 20 years," recounts Dr. Wheeler. "Medicine was always something I had a great deal of interest in. Many people say, generically, that they want to help people and stop their suffering, but I truly wanted to make a difference by going into medicine." Dr. Wheeler graduated from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in 1979, and completed his Urologic Surgical Residency training at Louisiana State University Medical School, New Orleans in 1985. "Before you go into alternative medicine, you have to understand the standard that represents traditional medicine. I couldn't have scripted it any better than to become a traditional urologist. It's the failure in medicine that has driven me to look beyond what I was taught." What he was taught, and what he sees as failure, is related to the number one health risk that men face: prostate disease. "Look at what we do with prostatitis," says Dr. Wheeler. "Ninety-five percent of all cases are non-bacterial; despite this, 80% of all urologists and 90% of all doctors will write the patient a prescription for antibiotics - so they are doomed to failure."

"I looked at things back in the mid 90s, after 10 years in practice studying what we thought was gospel," continues Dr. Wheeler. "All men, if we live long enough, are going to get prostate cancer. Based on failure, after failure, after failure to be able to control (cure) prostatitis in all those waiting on my doorstep, I realized that there had to be something beyond that - that there had to be further thought.

So in 1996 I started looking at natural remedies, studying what had been tried over the years, what results had been achieved, how they validated that result. I decided to take a significant amount of money I had put away and to invest in a new path. I developed PEENUTS ® - when people hear that name, the first thing they do is smile or chuckle. I like that, because many men don't want to face the reality of getting older and having their body age. PEENUTS ®, stands for ‘Power to Empty Every time while Never Urinating Too Soon.' So what it really stands for is normal, healthy bladder function. I wanted a name that stood on its own, had just a bit of controversy to it, didn't sound racy, and didn't sound like any other prostate product." Because, says Dr. Wheeler, the product is different - and it proved itself versus a placebo in a double-blind study.

"We had about 40 people in the study, a pretty good sized group that matches most studies of this type. And we proved with this particular formula, when we evaluated flow curves, peak flow and average flow, and urinary symptoms, that we had validated our results to be statistically significant vs. the placebo.

While I was pleased with the statistical significance, I was most excited that my data was clinically significant; meaning that the patient could see the difference. This information is not published; as the amount of time it takes to publish is unbelievable, and if I'm going to do something that difficult I want it to ‘shake the world'."

What led Dr. Wheeler to believe he was ready to shake the world? "Lo and behold, I found out I could decrease the PSA by almost 50% just based on the use of this formula. I now had a solution for urinary symptoms, and improvement in urinary flow.

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And I knew if the PSA was going down, and it's not going down due to something hormonal, that we should look at EPS - expressed prostatic secretion as the most likely reason.

Historically, EPS is a very old concept; scientific information from Stamey and Meares some 40 years ago showed that EPS was the diagnostic test for prostatitis. So now I'm evaluating the results not only from a urinary standpoint, and not only the PSA, but also EPS. Specifically, I'm looking for 10 or greater white cells per 400x of microscopic amplification; giving us the diagnosis of prostatitis, 95% of which is nonbacterial. And I was able to show that we could suppress the level of inflammation in the prostate by 66%. At that point I knew I was on to something, and I applied for my U.S. patent for the formula. The patent was issued specifically as a treatment for prostatitis."

Dr. Wheeler showed in a presentation to the NIH in 1999 that if men have urinary symptoms, that 80% of them did not have prostate enlargement, which urologists think to be the case, but that these men had prostatitis. "Additionally if your PSA is 1 or greater than 1, we can use PSA as a surrogate marker for prostatitis. We already know that prostatitis is a precursor to prostate cancer based on data from the American Association of Cancer Research. And the only way to prevent the scourge of disease that is prostate cancer is to lower the PSA, thereby improving the health of the prostate while halting the aging process. So I've patented a formula that does just that." Part of this data, plus more, is going to be part of Dr. Wheeler's presentation in West Palm Beach at the Integrative Medicine for Anti-Aging Conference. The connection, he says, is simple: "Cancer epitomizes the aging process. A cancerous organ process is the worst thing that could happen to you; it is the antithesis of health." Conversely, "the absence of disease is consistent with anti-aging. But anti-aging has to start early; it can't start late when the disease hits you. There are no Band-Aids for the aging process. It's my hope that all doctors leaving this meeting will understand the importance that prostate health has on male health. It is the number one male health risk." It is obvious that Dr. Wheeler is not simply preening when he says, "This presentation takes place at the end of the conference - but it is clearly worth staying for. It could be the most significant presentation." It's clear that he honestly believes this, with a passion.

"This is clearly my life's work," he attests. "I've spent a lot of time on this. I am a scientist; that's what separates me from my colleagues. There is absolutely no urologist that believes what I believe. I hope the doctors will look upon me as an ally, look at me as a 'lean on me' resource. I am not about selling PEENUTS ®,. Yes, I make a couple of dollars when a bottle is sold. What I am really about is changing the lives of all the males I encounter."

"I couldn't be who am I today - there wouldn't be the level of excitement I present - without having experienced what the traditional doctors teach," concludes Dr. Wheeler. "You have to have a healthy appreciation for what traditional medicine stands for before you can truly say it needs to be healed. I'm fortunate I went through traditional medicine and saw its shortcomings. That opened my eyes. It's the failure that is implicit in any medical treatment dictum that is the point we must grow from; the failure that allows us to reach beyond the walls of the institution where we learn. We have to know it well so we can criticize it appropriately. This is about a realization that what we do and what we accept as a standard of care is deeply flawed.

"What's good for one person with a disease is not necessarily the best for another person with that same disease. The body must be looked at as a whole. And there is no disease men have that is more compelling or more worthy of anti-aging than the prostate."

So don't send your patients to Dr. Wheeler. But do go and learn from him on how to empower your patients to avoid disease.

Dr. Wheeler's 6 basic tenets to health:

  • Proper diet
  • Adequate exercise
  • Appropriate validated nutrition
  • Stress reduction
  • Awareness
  • Education

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